Why Holiday FM?

Again the news is filled with catastrophes and crisis around the world in which British subjects are becoming more and more embroiled. This horrific recurring and seemingly growing trend is not only causing UK Citizens distress and confusion but also the UK Government and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office major concerns of how to communicate with its subjects in times of crisis.

Following the Tsunami it was decided that a communisation platform should be developed giving the UK Government direct access to its citizen whilst they are travelling abroad and are out of reach of the normal media delivery services available in the UK. As a result of this desire Holiday FM was created to provide the Tourist industry, the UK Government and overseas Governments that essential delivery platform.

What is Holiday FM?

Holiday FM is a high profile, professionally operated radio network created specifically for the substantial British & English speaking audience living and holidaying abroad. It delivers via satellite, a quality environment for not only Governments and Tourist Boards but also advertisers and program partners, to connect with millions of English-speaking radio listeners around the world instantly and effectively. Holiday FM was designed as a Trojan - Horse to create a loyal 'listenership' which provides both Governments and regional tourist boards, a regulated and effective platform to communicate with UK citizens, while they are isolated from other forms of media, ever present in the UK.

The service starts as the holidaymakers leave the airplane and are delivered to their chosen hotel in over 50 destinations around the world. The Holiday FM 'in-coach' entertainment is provided through especially recorded audiotapes and CDs, aired by the UK Tour Operators featuring a number of FCO 'awareness campaigns'.

Once they arrive at their destination, the tourists have the ability to listen to a customised version of Holiday FM either on their internal hotel TV network or on a partner local FM station. The program consists of a mixture of essential resort information, news from home and the world, and of course, entertainment.

What we want to do?

Our aim is to target/reach British and English speaking tourists visiting various holiday destinations around the world, using music, entertainment and news updates to create a audience which will provide the British FCO, local Government and authorities a platform to reach these 'populations' in times of  crisis (earthquake, natural catastrophe, security alerts...) or for promoting awareness and preventive campaigns.

Develope and provide a "red button" capability, to run 'Government messages' and be used as a 'public address system' to reach British holidaymakers and ex-pats in a language they understand when abroad and in a country where English is not the first language.

To develop a network similar to the World Service in reach but not content. Through our investigations we have discovered that British travellers would prefer a Music and Entertainment based radio network which travels with them, but with 'content' being adapted to suit the destination. This 'content profile' of Holiday FM has been proven by the listenership survey undertaken by one of the UK's leading Radio research companies, to reach the audience that the FCO require.

How do we achieve this?

Holiday FM enters into broadcast partnerships with resort radio stations and hotels to rebroadcast their programs. Currently H oliday FM has partner stations covering the most densely populated holiday resorts around Europe and continues to identify potential partners and engaged into negotiation with both FM radio stations and hotels in various countries in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and South East Asia.

What can we do for the British Citizens the Government and the FCO ?

Holiday FM has proven through its listenership survey,that it provides exactly what the British holidaymakers want, a conduit which allows them whilst on holidays,to receive all the essential local information (local news, feativals and customs) but also still feel connected to the UK. This offers a perfect opportunity for the British Government through Holiday FM's programming,to have an influence on its citizens, without appearing to be interfering or dictatorial.

Has the model been proven?

Most relied on radio to stay informed after hurricanes of 2004 (From a study released by Arbitron in the USA)

More than three quarters of those surveyed relied on radio to stay informed during power outages caused by the effects of the hurricanes of 2004, according to a study released by Arbitron.

The new study, entitled" Riding Out the Storm: The Vital Role of Local Radio in Times of Crisis" , takes an in-depth look at how residents used radio and other media during hurricanes that battered both coasts of Florida and the Gulf Coast in August and late September of 2004.

The study reveals that in an era of many media options, more than half of respondents choose radio as the one source of information during a hurricane. Radio also got high marks from the residents with nearly two thirds saying they were   "very satisfied" with radio's programming during the storms.

"During times of crisis, residents want specific and local information presented without sensationalism and melodrama," said Bill Rose, senior vice president of Marketing, U.S. Media Services, Arbitron. "Radio is a natural choice for consumers during natural disasters because battery power is crucial during power outages. Plus, radio's 'voice' provides comfort to listeners and it has a strong connection with the local community ."